Vooks, Where Imaginations Run Wild 📚

This blog post is sponsored by Vooks but all opinions are my own.

There is nothing like sitting on the couch, snuggling up with your little one with a book in hand and watching their minds drift away into the plot of the story. That is why we read to our son every night before bed, and throughout the day. Expanding his mind to the wonders of a book helps him to increase his knowledge, learn about emotions, dreams, build intellect, and most importantly let his imagination run free!

But let’s be honest, it is 2020, life is not always sunshine and rainbows, and sometimes mama just needs 5 minutes for a cup of coffee and a little help from the iPad. This is why we were so excited to learn about Vooks! Their extremely large, and ever-growing library of animated storybooks keeps our son’s imagination blossoming. He loves how the stories come to life. He is able to follow narratives of each book and gets into them, interacting with the plot, and guessing what is coming next. It is a great feeling to see the ear-to-ear smile that he has while watching these. The giggles are timeless and sitting there with him while he enjoys learning opposites, emotions, and what it means to become and make friends, is a welcome distraction from the day to day, and allows me to enjoy story time with him in a new fashion! Not to mention, he recites what just happened in the story to me, verbatim, before immediately starting the next book.

With everything going on, and some schools across the country temporarily closed, Vooks is a great resource for families to keep their kids reading at home and consistently learning. To help out, Vooks has even created take-home lesson plans that can be shared with parents and guardians which are built to provide children with 20 minutes a day of activities and read-aloud time.

The easy to navigate library of animated storybooks is trusted by teachers and enjoyed by millions of kids and parents around the world every week! These stories are all brought to life in a fun to watch (yes even for the adults in the house) video telling the story encouraging kids to enjoy reading!

We love spending time each day watching these stories with our son, so when we learned that Vooks is offering one FREE month subscription to all parents worldwide…let me repeat that ALL PARENTS WORLDWIDE, we knew we had to share the amazingness with everyone! So please, click here to check them out. NO purchase necessary! We promise that you will love their kid-safe, ad-free (yup none of those interrupting ads trying to sell something less educational to your child) storybooks!

But don’t take my word for it, our son said it best – “These are amazing!”

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