A bundle of bad news…

I’ve spent quite a few years as an optimist, trying to spread as much positivity around as possible because there is so much negativity out there. Then I hit a bump in the road and found myself leaning back into my old pessimistic ways. (A lot of you probably don’t know that old version of me, maybe I’ll blog about her sometime. 😉) Anyway, what I’m learning is that you can still be an optimist, even during hard times, but it’s ok a to have a few bad days.

My fertility test results came back…a bundle of bad news. I have low ovarian reserve which basically means I don’t have a whole lot of eggs left. There’s also a good chance the ones I have aren’t high quality. That means IF I were able to get pregnant again, I’m much more likely to have a miscarriage than other people my age.

My doctor referred me to a fertility specialist and I’ll be seeing him Monday morning. This is looking like a much longer journey than I was expecting, but I’m trying my best to stay optimistic until I have all the facts.

I don’t have much more to say about all that right now, but the prayers, love, positive vibes, and you all being here to support me right now is appreciated so very much. ❤

2 responses to “A bundle of bad news…”

  1. Oh love, I am so sorry. I hope the doctor on Monday can share some good news. You are in my thoughts ♡.

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    1. Thank you so much ❤️


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