Not today germs!

GERMS! Sorry such a scary word to be throwing around, especially in 2020. But honestly, GERMS! No body likes them, no body wants to even think about them, but frankly, that is impossible right now. Whether it is yourself or a loved one, the thought of getting sick or being sick right now brings chills to everyone. Peace of mind is what everyone needs right now, and if you do not have it, you might as well hide indoors until the ball drops on 2020.

How do you obtain peace of mind in this chaos? That is the million-dollar question. I have a solution that will be much cheaper than that! The FORA IR42 Medical Grade Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer!

I know right now your subconscious is saying “tell me more, tell me more,” so I will! 😉 First and foremost, it is a contact-less thermometer. Contact-less, meaning you can check the temperature of anyone in the family, one after another, without the worry of delivering those awful germs from a sick family member to a healthy one. So you do not need to worry about putting that thermometer under their tongue (which always makes my son squirm) or even touching it to their head.

Second is price! Remember that “million-dollar” question I mentioned before? Well this thermometer is mere pocket change to that price tag! So you are not spending an arm and a leg on something that can tell you if you are fighting a cold or healthy as an ox. Now you can spend that money on more important (and fun) things like…traveling!

Given that new found chance to travel, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are a hovering-one-button-click away from ensuring you did not take anything unwanted home with you from your travel. Just point, click, and your temperature is displayed on the easy to read screen. The display will show the exact temperature as well as a color code indicating if you are running a fever or not. If you see Green you are in the clear – if not, the fever indicator will let you know the temperature and display orange informing you that you are higher on the temperature scale.

Also, it is so simple to change from adult to child mode when checking your family’s temperatures. Simply select child if age 3 or below, or adult for anyone over 3. Fair warning, even if your husband is fighting a man cold, you still need to select adult when checking his temperature. 🤣

With children going back to school, it will be important, even crucial, to make sure they are not bringing home – or to school – any germs that can cause anyone to get sick. The accuracy and reliability of this thermometer are key in this uncertain time. With a 30 reading memory, you can always go back and check if the temperature is rising or falling, which is amazing when trying to monitor progression of a fever and know if you are on the road to recovery.

So be part of the solution, help fight the spread of those pesky, unwanted GERMS! Make sure you are prepared with the peace of mind you will only get from the FORA IR42 Non-Contact Thermometer. Click here and use code: FORAXJEN for a discount! (expires 9/15/20)

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