Making memories at Camelback Resort 🌄

Let me tell you a little about Camelback Resort…ok it will probably be more than a little. 🤣

Our first impression, as our car entered the resort and climbed the small hill to the entrance, was “WOW!” The place was MASSIVE, but more so it was so beautiful! Before we could even turn into the lot, we were greeted by friendly staff who were situated at the entrance to take all if our temperatures. This was comforting to us, because we knew no one was getting into the hotel or parks without being checked. Obviously with everything going on in the world right now, it is important to make sure your family is safe – and Camelback Resort helped to ensure we were.

Upon entry to the hotel we were again greeted by the friendliest staff you could imagine. They were helpful, speedy, informative, and descriptive showing us everything we needed to know about our stay.

We made our way up to the room, or should I say suite – more like sweet! 😜 This room was the most gorgeous hotel room I have ever stayed in. It was more home than hotel. The lounge area had a comfortable couch and chairs overlooking the ski slopes, a full kitchen and dining room, a bedroom and full bath completed the layout on just the first floor! Up the stairs there were two more bedrooms, and two more full bathrooms. I had to do a doubletake because I thought I must have somehow wandered into someone’s home. As we made our way to the kitchen area, we were greeted with a picture of our puppy that the staff left for us, in a picture frame, with a note. It was amazing, and our son loved to see his pup-pup-a-roo since we had to leave him home. This was truly so touching I had to hold back tears. ❤

Our next stop was a trip to Camelbeach outdoor waterpark. This seemed to go on forever! There are areas for the big kids, and for the not-so-big. We made our way down to Pharaoh’s Phortress which is their waterpark for the smaller kids. Once again, greeted with friendly staff, they brought us to our cabana by the pool. Talk about living the high life! We were catered to while our son splashed all of his energy away!

After the waterpark, we went back to our mansion, I mean hotel room. We showered, got dressed, and went to dinner. Trails End Pub and Grille, the restaurant on premise, had everything we needed to treat our cravings, and keep Adam Jr busy with crayons and his imagination – oh and french fries!

Our next destination in the resort was Arcadia Adventures. I dare you to take a 4 year old to the arcade and expect to be out of there quickly. Not going to happen, so enjoy it yourself! I’m pretty sure we tackled every single game there. The best part about it, the staff were ready and armed to clean all of the arcade games when people were finished using them. Again, this extra effort to keep us safe and keep the facility clean just added to the excitement we had for the resort.

By now, it was bedtime, we had literally done so much and had only been there for about 8 hours! A weekends worth of excitement crammed into the first day! So now the conundrum of which bed to sleep in. When we finally made a decision, we shut out the lights, we could still hear our son talking about what he would be doing the next day, and we drifted off.

The next morning, the first thing we did was open the curtains and look at the beautiful fog rolling down the hills. It was so peaceful; we could have stared at it for hours. But we couldn’t, we had to get ready to hit the ground running. Well, after some coffee of course.

We decided to get some breakfast on premise, and it was delicious. Now we were ready – we made our way down to Aquatopia indoor waterpark this time. I know it sounds repetitive, but WOW! It was huge! Before we could even get all the way in, we could hear the wave pool crashing, the water bucket dumping, and all the excitement!

Even as the day went on, it never seemed to be crowded in the park, no bumping elbows in the pool or waiting in line for the slides. It was exactly what you would want when visiting a park of any kind right now. Again, living in the lap of luxury we had a cabana by the pool. This was great for my husband who had to take his laptop down there to work. We were enjoying the cabana, playing in the water, and again feeling catered to. The staff were amazing, constantly seeing if we needed anything and bringing food and beverages along the way. As you can imagine, we spent the whole day there!

From the waterpark, it was back to the room to get ready for dinner. Again, we had dinner in the hotel and loved every minute of it. Outside up against the ski slopes we enjoyed our food while also taking in the scenery, music, fire pits, and the multi-point bucks that were walking along the hills giving all the patrons a show.

We were sad to leave the following day, but took so many amazing memories with us. I highly suggest visiting Camelback Resort if you’re ever near the Poconos, PA. Or book a trip, it’s worth it!

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