Delamar West Hartford

We recently had an opportunity to stay at the Delamar Hotel in West Hartford and we jumped at the chance. What a beautiful hotel!

At first glance, you almost feel as if you are walking up to a private estate. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the unique cobblestone roundabout in front which is lined with luxury cars. Then we were met by the courteous and upbeat bellhop who greeted us with a smile (I assume, masks required!) as he opened the door for our entry. The lobby was gorgeous! From the glistening chandeliers to the crystal-clear piano and lounge area, you knew this wasn’t going to be your typical stay. We typically travel to hotels that are fun for our 4 year old, so this was a nice little treat for us. 😉

The bedroom was a great size with huge windows that let in a ton of natural light, as well as gave us a view of the downtown area. The TV was also great for watching sports – so my husband tells me! It was an overall comfortable, draw-the-blinds-I-can-sleep-in type of room.

Some would think that a hotel like this, a place with such class and luxury would need to be just outside town, the outskirts, where patrons would need to take a car ride to get to what you need. However, this hotel lived, no thrived, within walking distance to everything that West Hartford has to offer. A 5-minute walk would get you to great food, stores, scenery, and nightlife. Needless to say, what the hotel and the town combined have to offer make this destination a must for any genre of people.

But why leave your hotel when you have a classy-yet-hip restaurant attached. When we were not lounging in our sweats just enjoying what our hotel room and stay had to offer, we partook in an elegant meal just off the lounge area. Artisan was a must. It is unique to say the least. There were a few separate dining areas – indoor and out. The outdoor area was surrounded by plants, heaters, and patrons enjoying their meals. From appetizers to desserts, and everything in between, we enjoyed our meals and looked forward to the quick full-bellyed walk up to our room, without needing to hop into our car and head back for our stay.

All-in-all, the Delamar Hotel was a classy, sophisticated stay, and a must if you are near any of their locations.

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