Interactive board games

with Tacto Classics, Lasers, Dinos, Chess, and Coding!

You know you found a winner when your 4-year-old asks to play the games by name! Some of the games are fun board games like all us parents grew up playing. Those games where your playing piece has to be the fastest to the end to win, but watch out for all the traps! Then there are other classics-turned-new-age with an ability to spark excitement in any kid young or old – yes, I am talking about me on the “old” side because these are also multiplayer games so mom and dad can join in on the fun!

Check Check Checkers – or as we call it, “Peanut Butter & Jelly Checkers,” is a favorite in our household. The skills Adam Jr is learning by playing this classic are immeasurable. His father learned quickly how strategic his 4 year old is, as he jumped that last Jelly piece and won his first game leaving dad scratching his head! Again, this is a favorite, but he really loves playing all the games!

What is great about him loving the Tacto games, is that they are more than just screen-time on the iPad. There is learning involved! We love that he is learning math, problem solving, strategy, and logical reasoning in a fun interactive setting. These STEM games are great for continued growth in learning, and they help your little genius pick up skills that are not learned in a textbook. They are interactive with multiple “cool” figurines used to really bring these games to life. Adam definitely has a favorite character figurine, and it is Curly – but I digress. The critical thinking process when playing any of the games show your child, no matter their age, how to make decisions on their next move, and to see the consequences of moves in a competitive but fun setting.

From our first game, we have enjoyed every minute of the Classics. Hours have been spent shifting from PB&J Checkers, to Trolls and Ladders and Legends of Ludo, and they never get old! We cannot wait to get other PlayShifu Tacto games to bring Game Night to the next level!

With the holiday season upon us, these are the perfect gifts for kids ages 4-10. So if you are looking for that special gift that will be loved by the entire family – but obviously most importantly your little one, check out Tacto and use code JENNIFER for 30% off order of $75 or more until the end of TODAY or 25% off after today. 

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