No more sleep deprived parents 🙌

Never wake a sleeping baby… that’s what they say. But what if that sleeping baby is not sleeping at all. What if, instead of sleeping, they are fussing and crying. You know as a parent, assuming you went through all the normal checks: diaper, food, burping, etc…, that they are tired and need to sleep but they do not understand so they do what babies do – WAH! What can you do as parents to help your little precious bundle feel better and get the sleep they need to grow big and strong?

Let me paint a picture for you on why the mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet is a must!

It is 12:30 AM, your baby has no concept of time, all they know is that they want to cry and don’t know why. This is now the 5th day in a row. Your lack of sleep is really starting to show, and you need to sleep too – but cannot cry about it… Well, you can, we won’t tell, we have been there.

You pick up your baby out of their generic bassinet and bounce them, sway them, make your own white noise sounds, or put them in the car and drive, all in hopes they fall back to sleep so you can get your own slumber before round 2 commences.

While you hold your world in your tired arms, fighting the sandman, trying to get them relaxed, you feel helpless as they cry it out. Your normal routine is not working, and you are all feeling it.

Insert mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet. Your routine becomes something of the past. Your stress levels diminish as your sanity comes back. The comfort of the bassinet is enough to put your little one deep into dream land. But if they are feeling the fuss and crying, there is no need to pull out all the stops. Instead, roll over – we dare you not to even take your head off your pillow, it’s ok with the adjustable height and mesh siding you can see your sweet baby from that position, and turn on one of the many features of this miracle working bassinet and watch your fussy bundle drift back off to sleep.  

What features are we talking about? Well we are happy to share! The bassinet has 5 unique movements that you surely have tried manually: Car Ride, Kangaroo, Tree Swing, Rock-a-Bye, and Wave. All-natural motions that a parent takes when trying to soothe their crying baby. Also, there are 5 speed options so you can make sure you are putting all the best touches together to provide the most comfort. Add to that, there are 4 white noise options that you can use to help the baby get more comfortable. The sound options are guaranteed to put any crying baby to rest, including the sounds of rain, the ocean, a fan, and my favorite “shh” – which I use to speak softly to our first born to get him to sleep. It is no longer necessary to whisper “shh shh shh shh” over and over for hours on end – mamaRoo will take on that task for you!

Seems easy-peasy, right? Well, it can be that easy, and if you doze back off while it is working, don’t worry! A great feature to help make sure it is not running all night is a timer that you can set using the convenient 4moms app that will help you set up that perfect end time to the motions as well as help set up a bedtime routine. Yes, all features of the bassinet are also available on the Bluetooth capable app!

I think before wrapping this up so you can go purchase the mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet, we need to mention again how easy this is to use. The features are all available 1-touch from the built-in control panel. Our 4-year-old can easily control the bassinet, so us sleep deprived parents should have no problem establishing comfort for our fussy babies! We LOVE the mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet and so will you!

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