Homeschooling with The Good and The Beautiful 📚

Have you ever thought about homeschooling your child? Has it been something that you considered but there was too much uncertainty about the curriculum? Leaning on the fence only to back off again and decide against it?

Then the ball dropped on 2020, and out of nowhere reality struck and thrust the notion back into your mind. How could it not, with all that was going on in the public, you do not want to risk your child becoming a statistic. The doubts and uncertainty would still be there, but wouldn’t it be nice if there was some way to make the decision easier? A curriculum that you could trust that would keep your child on the same level as other kids their age. Guess what, there is!

With The Good And The Beautiful you get just that. A curriculum that is put together by inspired homeschoolers, professional educators, editors, and experts in their fields that will provide exactly what your little student needs to thrive while being taught in the comfort of your home.

The amazing thing about The Good and The Beautiful – at least from a parent’s perspective – is the fact that there is no prep. You are provided with exactly what is needed for the curriculum based on your child’s assessment. Just take the proper assessments to understand what level your child is learning at and use the trusty shopping checklist to get everything you need to begin. Then when the materials arrive, follow the instructions and it is time to learn! You could say learning is as easy as open and go!

The curriculum effectively bunches learning together by combining certain subjects, instead of each subject needing its own coursework. This helps complete the learning sessions in an appropriate amount of time, so your learner is not overwhelmed by moving subject to subject. The evident side effect of this is that learning in this manner eliminates the need for 6-7 different courses. This is particularly great for our little man who is constantly wanting to learn more and more with every lesson but also loves to focus in the now, on the topics he wants to learn.

I know you are thinking, “but are you breaking the bank?” Simple answer is NO! The affordability of the programs make this an even easier decision. We want our son to gain the knowledge he needs to continue his education, and the fact that this is affordable makes that so much easier on us, without taking away from him.

He loves the one-on-one lessons with us and is always looking to continue learning even after the session is complete. We love that The Good and the Beautiful made it simple for us to sit down and help expand his knowledge with an easy-to-follow age-appropriate lesson plan. While it was always something that we considered, we never thought bringing the day-to-day school learning in house would be something that we could do. We were wrong and that is all thanks to the preparation, skills, and expertise of The Good And The Beautiful.

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