Capture Magical Moments

Have you ever wondered how you can capture every magical moment with your children? I have the answer! The pixsee AI Smart Baby Camera is a wonderful way to capture every moment and stay connected to your kiddos at all times. This gives you the freedom to do more without missing anything. Bringing a new baby home is a time full of joy, but it can also be stressful with the sudden lack of sleep and time for yourself. The pixsee camera can also help with that!

The pixsee camera provides me with so much peace of mind because it clearly shows me all of my daughters activities day and night. The video quality is the best I’ve ever seen (and the night vision is incredible!) and it has a wide angle lense to create a larger viewing area. The app is so easy to use and even has a cry decoder to help you better understand how to attend to your baby when they are crying. This is such an amazing and helpful feature!

I also love the 2-way speaker so I can chat with Emma whenever necessary. Sometimes all it takes is hearing my voice to calm her and this is the perfect way to do that without fully disrupting her sleep schedule. You can also play music and white noise through the camera which has been so helpful in calming Emma. She loves to hear the lullabys come on and this sometimes gives me an extra few minutes of rest or to finish up work because it keeps her happy and entertained.

While most cameras are difficult to mount to the wall in the perfect spot for a great visual, pixsee comes with a stand that can easily be moved anywhere to get the best view! This is a total game changer! You have so many options with the stand because it has 4 different height adjustments and 5 different modes. This is truly such an incredible feature and my husband is pretty happy he didnt have to deal with mounting a camera on the wall.

pixsee has made our lives so much less stressful in the ease of use, features, and camera quaility. It is providing us with the best view and connection to our sweet girl no matter where we are and we are forever grateful for that! Thank you!

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