OUTER Transformed Our Deck!

We love being outdoors, but our home was seriously lacking an inviting outdoor space. We spent most of the time indoors peering out the window to our bare deck. 😔 So we did what any logical family would do, we bought a table with chairs and put it right in the middle of the deck. Ok, so maybe we were not living a true Feng Shui lifestyle. Either way, the deck was still not inviting and the cushions on the chairs quickly got ruined from the very first rain storm. We were so frustrated because the cost to buy this furniture was not cheap, but the quality sure was. We realized with a large outdoor living space, we needed more than a quick fix. So I went on the hunt to find high quality furniture that would last.

This is where OUTER revamped our boring outdoor space! They have so many options to choose from on their site, and everything is modular so it was easy to find exactly what we needed!

The QUALITY is unreal. This amazing, downright gorgeous furniture is made from wicker (also comes in teak & aluminum 😍). The legs are made from polished stainless steel that will never rust. The frame is a high strength aluminum-magnesium alloy and the cushions are memory foam! It is durable enough to stand up to any weather. I have never seen outdoor furniture of this quality EVER before.

Outer furniture also has built in OuterShell covers that allow you to cover the cushions whenever you need to. No more wet soggy cushions when it rains (or snows)! This is such a nice change and definitely one of the features that sold me very quickly on this furniture. It’s such a genius idea that no one else does! 👏

We’ve had our furniture for awhile now and we absolutely LOVE it! We love to just sit out there and listen to the quiet sounds of nature…before the kids start acting like kids. 😉 But I thoroughly enjoy listening to all the kid sounds out there too. 🥰

Whether we are enjoying smores by the firepit, a book in hand, or live streaming sports on the iPad (husband problems 😆) our family is obsessed with the comfort and convenience of our Outer furniture! Just look how happy we are! ❤

P.S. Dad is behind the camera

Curious about Outer? You can find more information about who they are here. We are sure you will be as impressed with their mission as we are. If you decide to shop, use code OURLIFEPIECES200 for $200 off ❤

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