Our Trip to Camelback Resort in the Pocono Mountains, PA

We recently had an opportunity to head up to the Pocono Mountains to Camelback Resort for a quick getaway. We were able enjoy the peaceful bliss of the coloring on the leaves and beautiful scenery around the resort.

But let’s be honest, we did not go there for the aesthetics of the surroundings, no matter how alluring they are. We went for fun, chaos, entertainment, catering by the friendly staff, junk food and great food, prizes, water play, and the kids… definitely the kids! No matter how many synonyms you throw at Camelback , it always translates to FUN! And that is what we had!

Upon arrival, the excitement was real. Before checking in our son had already planned out the entire day. I was starting to think he was prepared to stay up for 24 hours straight. Luckily, he wore himself out and we were able to get a good night’s sleep before hitting the ground running the next morning. How did he wear himself out you ask? Let me take you on our journey!

After getting checked in and got situated, a personal tour of our room was given. You would think our son planned out the room setup as he was able to point out all the greatness that was. But for those looking for more descriptive information, we had a very roomy room with two beds, a couch with a fold out bed, large TV, huge bathroom, and ample space for our luggage. Plenty of room for our family traveling with 2 kids and 2 adults and more luggage than anyone actually needs for 2 nights. 🤣

From the room, we made a b-line towards the Aquatopia Indoor Waterpark. It was a Wednesday in the early afternoon so when we got there we actually had the wave pool pretty much to ourselves. It was amazing, the waves were crashing and the kids were laughing, it was perfect for capturing the moments and recording all the joy it brought! But that was not all there was in the waterpark, not even close! Before taking ownership of the wave pool, we got settled in our cabana for the day. Overlooking the wave pool, we had an opportunity to order food and drinks and have them catered to our private cabana oasis. Mommy and daddy definitely needed the pina coladas before being splashed, dragged everywhere in the park, and summoned every second to see “something amazing.”

While our son took advantage of the wave pool, slides, and being dumped on by the huge water bucket, our daughter loved splashing in her first venture into the kiddie section of the park. Playing with the cute spouts, splashing her toes in the water, swinging, sliding, and letting out the occasional scream (don’t worry they were joyful screams), she learned very quickly what her brother meant by “your mind is going to be blown!”

While the waterpark was amazing, not only for the kids but the adults as well, there was still other stuff to take advantage of at Camelback . While we spent a ton or most of the time at the waterpark, the next place to be was the arcade! We love the arcade, it is always a whole family event! Our goal, get as many tickets as possible and let the kids go nuts in the gift shop. The outcome, 50/50 on if we get the tickets or spend tokens on playing claw games trying to win “cuddlies” or more tickets. This time, we did both! 

From ax throwing, where Adam Jr had three of the top 5 scores, to ring toss, beer pong – (I mean try to get the ping pong balls in the cup game 😉), bucket challenge, racing, Plinko, skeeball and basketball, the games keep us entertained for hours! Even Emma had a chance to play some games, especially the feed the pup game, where she won, twice! Dad got really competitive with a finesse game where you try to stop the ball at the marker to win 500 tickets. He was able to persevere through some earlier challenges and win 5 times in a row… then he got a little too overconfident and couldn’t win again, don’t worry we will not let him live that down! 

All-in-all the arcade was so entertaining for our whole family, and it provided us with incredible bonding moments where the whole family came together, had a blast and competed with and against one another and just had FUN!

While it was all fun and games, outside the waterpark, the arcade, and our room, we were so happy with how the staff treated us, no matter what we were up to. The restaurant on site had a great, I mean epic breakfast with something for everyone. Not to mention, the wait staff were so courteous and kind, I mean they went off the menu, got Adam an apple, peeled it and sliced it to his exact specifications – which can be pretty precise. 

But more so than that, they remembered our children’s names, so when they saw them, whether in the restaurant, shops, or just walking the hallways, they would stop and converse and use their names to show just how much they actually cared about the conversation they were having. That type of dedication to your patrons just goes to show that Camelback will always and has always gone above and beyond for their guests. 

We cannot wait until the next time we have a chance to journey back to Camelback Resort. Maybe next time we will go in the winter and partake in some skiing on the beautiful powder mountains… or just hit the waterpark and arcade and stay warm! Either way, we know, year round, that Camelback will have something for the whole family to enjoy!

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