Our Trip to Camelback Resort in the Pocono Mountains, PA

We recently had an opportunity to head up to the Pocono Mountains to Camelback Resort for a quick getaway. We were able enjoy the peaceful bliss of the coloring on the leaves and beautiful scenery around the resort. But let’s be honest, we did not go there for the aesthetics of the surroundings, no matter […]

2022 USGA Senior Open

This post is sponsored by the USGA This year we were invited to attend the 2022 USGA Senior Open practice day in Lehigh Valley, PA! We did not know what to expect, but being golf lovers, we knew it was a must! We are so glad that we were able to go and partake in […]

Gift Guide 2021

Do you love gift giving?! I do, BUT I always struggle with finding the perfect gift. So here’s a list of gift ideas that I personally use and LOVE! I hope it helps give you some ideas for the holiday season! 🎁 Rebaid – Time to save! You can grab some amazing deals on all […]

OUTER Transformed Our Deck!

We love being outdoors, but our home was seriously lacking an inviting outdoor space. We spent most of the time indoors peering out the window to our bare deck. 😔 So we did what any logical family would do, we bought a table with chairs and put it right in the middle of the deck. […]

Capture Magical Moments

Have you ever wondered how you can capture every magical moment with your children? I have the answer! The pixsee AI Smart Baby Camera is a wonderful way to capture every moment and stay connected to your kiddos at all times. This gives you the freedom to do more without missing anything. Bringing a new […]

Best Gift for Pain and Stress Relief 🎁

As some of you may know I had back surgery a few years ago for a bulging disk that was pressing on a nerve. While (thankfully) surgery stopped the nerve pain, I was still left with a lot of muscle pain from walking funny for years before I was able to have the surgery. I […]

Have fun while learning with Tacto!

Start them early! Kids are never too young to learn something new, and the Tacto interactive games by PlayShifu bring educational games to life! Two new learning games that our son has been playing and loving are Tacto Coding and Tacto Lasers. We are always encouraging him to enjoy learning, and that is easy, because […]

What it’s like to be married to an influencer…

I recently had an opportunity to read a post from BuzzFeed about friends of influencers and how they are “IRL.” The article titled People Who Are Friends With Influencers Are Revealing What Their Lives Are Really Like, And It’s Actually Depressing came from a Reddit post asking for insight behind the scenes of an Influencer and how […]


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