Have fun while learning with Tacto!

Start them early! Kids are never too young to learn something new, and the Tacto interactive games by PlayShifu bring educational games to life!

Two new learning games that our son has been playing and loving are Tacto Coding and Tacto Lasers. We are always encouraging him to enjoy learning, and that is easy, because seriously…these games are FUN!

Tacto Coding is teaching our son the fundamentals of coding. If you’re looking to spark your child’s interest in the magical world of computers…look no further! Using the coding figurines – draw, function, slide, rotate and frames, your future programmer can interact with the storyline and solve the sequences. Look out Elon Musk, the future of development is building their knowledge and skills early! With Tacto Coding your coder-in-training will learn about input-output, sequencing, selections, and loops, teaching them what it takes to be a programmer while boosting problem solving and reasoning skills.

We as parents absolutely love this because Adam Jr is learning the basics and enjoying it while he does. The basics are important because it is helping him to understand that code is reactive and making a change in one area will have an impact on another. While he is just learning what it means to “code” it is exciting to us since my husband has spent his entire career in the technology industry working with coding teams. He did not start his understanding of programming until he was in college, and to this day wishes he had dabbled in coding in some manner when he was younger. So, the fact that Adam Jr is learning about coding, and doing it while having fun, is icing on the cake.

But that was not all, remember I referenced the Tacto Laser game earlier? Well, this game is just totally cool (and educational!)! Your child can explore the science of light and laser with these games! I love that they can develop logical reasoning and critical thinking skills through creative based play. The functioning game pieces coinciding with the game make for interactive bliss. I mean come on, what kid – or grown adult in my case, doesn’t like lasers!

These games are everything your young bright minded child will want in a game. There is suspense as you work with your figurines to solve mysteries. You literally use the “flashlight” game piece as a functional flashlight by lighting up clues to help unravel the puzzle.

Not only do you have the flashlight to crack the mystery, there are also mirrors that can reflect the light when the answers your little detective needs are not in plain sight.

Sneaky clue hiding around the corner? Not today clue, not today!

When the steps get even more tricky, you have your laser beam to blast away some of the obstacles, and a prism which emits a rainbow like visual used to untangle the web of mystery. Adam loves to learn while playing and exploring!

These games are all great brain teasers that help boost problem solving skills! Check them out and use code “JENNIFER” for 25% off at playshifu.com

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